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We value our broker and consultant partners at Benovation.  We recognize how much you bring to the employee benefits equation.  Our mission is to help you bring even more solutions to your clients.  We work to bring new technologies, Stop Loss partners & programs, and innovative programs to our clients - with your help. 

We seek to partner with brokers and consultants that are committed to self-funding, and committed to bring innovative, customized solutions to their clients.  We search for best in class solutions to help you tailor health Plans to the needs of each client organization.  Whether it's employee education & engagement, health & wellness, disease managment, or targeted solutions relating to disease states - we help you deliver results. 

What do we mean by results?  Our clients - on average - ended each year at 87% of EXPECTED claims.  That's 13% better than expected since 2008 - resulting in average annual increases of less than 7%. 

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planwatch plan overviewInformation, Flexibility & Service

We believe that access to information is just as critical for our broker & consultant partners as it is for our Plan Sponsors.  Thats why we grant our partners access to our Planwatch on-line reporting solution.  You can run reports any time, from anywhere.  Data is updated weekly and is available on demand.  Imagine reviewing CURRENT claim and utilization trend data with your client - not some confusing data dump that your staff had to request a week in advance and that was out of date before it arrived.  Print our reports out in full color - or review them in dynamic real time with your client.  Either way you'll find easy to understand, relevant & actionable data at your fingertips.

You'll be able to identify the factors driving plan cost for your clients, and work to develop strategies to curb those expenses - whether it be employee education, custom wellness programs, or disease management strategies.  All designed exclusively for each client.  Add to the fact that each client has a dedicated account manager to assist your team and the client with all service issues, and you can res assured that you're bringing unparalleled value to the table.

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woman standingStop Loss Solutions

We're flexible when it comes to Stop Loss placement.  We work with multiple Stop Loss carriers, MGU's, and Stop Loss Captive Managers so that we can help you bring multiple alternatives to your clients.  Aggregate only programs, Reference Based reimbursement (AKA Cost + or Medicare +) solutions are available, as well.  We'll work with you to determine the right fit for your clients.