"A Goal without a plan is a wish." - Antoine de Saint Exupéry

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Make a Plan

Question marksIt’s no secret that providing healthcare to employees & their families is an expensive proposition.  For most businesses, healthcare expenses rank at or near the top of corporate expense statements.  Employers and employees are paying more for healthcare, and often feel that they are getting less.  Businesses without a long term strategic plan for how to deliver efficient, high quality, and  cost effective healthcare to their workforce will continue to fight a steep, uphill battle to control expenses and may ultimately find themselves at a competitive disadvantage.

Our goal is to help our clients develop a Plan to maximize the value of the healthcare they are providing to their workforce.  Those Plans must:

1)  Reflect and support the organizations’ culture;
2)  reduce the risks faced by the Plan; and
3)  control costs. 

We help our clients chart a course, and subsequently help them track their progress.  Most importantly, we help them design and deliver the benefits THEY want to offer, with coverage THEIR employees find beneficial. 

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Wellness as a Strategy

stairsTraditional healthcare Plans focus on treating people once they’ve become sick.  Very important, certainly – but it’s also very expensive.  It’s like never changing the oil in your brand new car and hoping nothing goes wrong – and paying to replace the engine when it does.  Simple (and comparatively inexpensive) preventive maintenance can keep the lid on costs – just like keeping your employees healthy can result in reduced healthcare Plan costs.

Hypertension, Diabetes, High Cholesterol, Smoking, alcohol & other substance abuse, obesity – all contribute to inflated healthcare costs.  Nearly all are preventable.  The Wellness Councils of America estimate that preventable illness comprise approximately 70% of our nation’s healthcare spending.  That’s $70 out of each $100 that your Plan could avoid spending.  We call that opportunity.

Our clients have access to best in class, customized wellness programs at preferred rates.  We help them develop a program designed to improve the overall health of their company leading to reduced absences, increased productivity, and lower workers compensation and healthcare costs.  Our plans are designed to get everyone involved – participation rates are typically in excess of 75%.  Our programs are web-based, mobile optimized, engaging, rewarding – and most of all, fun.  Research indicates that well executed wellness programs can reduce healthcare cost trends by up to 10% - That’s a trend worthy of investment.


You can’t improve what you don’t measure. Employers need easy access to useable information.  For too long Plan administrators have been asked to make critical decisions about their healthcare offering with little or no information about how their employees actually use the benefits being offered.  Decision makers are forced to accept massive premium increases without explanation.  We’ve made it our mission to change the game:  We’re putting the power of information in the right hands.  With a simple point and click, our clients and their broker partners can view Plan performance, track administrative expenses, verify fixed costs, identify which benefits your employees value – and what emerging trends need to be addressed. 

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Employee Engagement

Employers - Show Me HowQuality Care, at the Right Place, from the Right Provider.  We work with companies to engage their workforce.  Employees must believe that they hold the future of their healthcare (premium) costs in their hands.  Our mission is to help our clients implement programs that encourage employees to become smarter consumers of healthcare.  We offer best in class transparency solutions for prescription, medical, and dental benefits that put real savings opportunities in the hands of employees and their families via text message or email.  We use Plan design to encourage employees to use preferred services or vendors for dialysis and ancillary care.  We’ve partnered with Teladoc® to provide 24/7 access to Board Certified physicians – reducing the need for Plan participants to sit in Emergency Room waiting rooms (or miss work to wait in their Doctor’s office).  It’s about education and helping people get to the right place, for the right care, at the right cost.